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Freak - World First Instant Gaming App

FREAK is a game changing application that brings revolutionary concepts in the field of Social Mobile Apps. Freak, for the very first time brings In-App Multiplayer Gaming and Micro-Apps Technology in an Instant Messaging App. Along with gaming and Micro-Apps, Freak offers simultaneous Chatting and a range of eye opening USP’s.


JewelArt is a realtime B2B Jewellery Designing Application developed on UNITY 3D Platform.JewelArt Helps Jewellery Business by Customizing and Designing Jewellery in realtime hence increasing customer base and productivity.

Dropmate - Courier Anything From Anywhere

Dropmate Courier App is the easiest and fastest way to send a courier of any type to any place. With numerous Courier Service Providers, Dropmate provides you end to end courier service without wasting your valuable time. Quick and Smooth signup process, it won’t take long while booking your first courier service. Select among various courier providers like DTDC, First Flight, FedX, Tej Couriers and more.

Kindaa -Ensure Child Safety

"Kindaa" makes School Trasport System more secure and reliable with Ensuring Children safety by providing realtime updates about their travel activity to Parents and loved ones.
Now no more waiting at the Bus stop for the School bus to arrive. Be well aware of the exact location of the bus on your SMart Phone through Kindaa App and ensure timely transit of your children

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